about the artist

Eva Migliniece

Eva Migleniece is a Latvian artist. In 1997 she graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Graphic Art and in 2005 gained a master’s degree in pedagogy at the University of Latvia. Since 1996 she has been participating in numerous exhibitions. Her debut exhibition was in a parish house of Dubulti (Latvia) with a set of paintings depicting religious motives. Eva continually works with different themes inspired by nature (e.g. landscapes, flowers, still life) and later to turn to the human form and relationships. Weather it is nature or people Eva identifies the beauty in both and never stops seeking inspiration with a childlike wonder. To maintain posterity and capture the moment, Eva regulary uses and works from photographs. She works in a variety of techniques – oil,pastel, water-colour and acrylic.

The artist claims: „God has given each of us a talent, it just needs to be discovered and used to gain happiness for yourself and, especially, for others. I tend to explore everything that meets my eye, and I reflect it in my paintings concentrating on the aesthetic side. Academic critics might not agree with me but I find art creates harmony in people and brings joy into their daily life.”